Steel sections
2891 sections of 55 series in a single SmartPart

New features ("Structural Framing"), introduced in Allplan 2020, make it possible to create components similar to this wizYsmart product as standard.
Although this product works with all the Allplan versions mentioned, it is less essential from Allplan 2020 onwards.

• Integration of customized sections of I, H, U, L, T, Z, round or square/rectangular form
• Choice of profile axis for easy use
• Orientation of the profile in any direction by moving the handle
• Optional custom cuts at the ends
• Exchange to any other profile in 2 clicks
• 2D representation with 3 levels of detail and 3 types of appearance (hidden faces, surface elements, single line)
• Customizable 3D representation with 4 levels of quality and including 190 rendering surfaces (referenced colors)
• Customizable 2D and 3D labels (with automated display for profile type, inclination, length, weight, color, element code...)
• Customizable link to a website or a local file of technical documentation
• Quantity by number, length and weight
• Element code for quantity automatic, customized, fixed or deactivable
• Using favorites and shared settings between several similar SmartParts

• Changes for Allplan 2018 and later versions [v1‑5‑0]
• Fix for customized element code [v1‑0‑3]
• Minor improvements and fixes [v1‑0‑2]
• Automatic integration of the value of the IFC attribute [v1‑0‑1]
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