• 16 different appearances to choose from
• Original textures created by Difraxis
• Option for a random multi-species hedge among the selected appearances
• Straight or curved shape
• Parametizable height and thickness
• End point to be positioned in X, Y and Z (by handle or values) allowing hedges on sloping terrain
• Axis in the center or on one side of the hedge
• 4 leaf sizes to choose from for every appearance
• 4 densities of foliage
• Hiding one side of the hedge (if not seen, to reduce the number of polygons)
• 3 levels of finishing for the alignment of the leaves
• Upper face and ends with straight or curved shape
• 3 options of interior volume: with texture corresponding to the foliage, with texture of branching or without internal volume
• 4 levels of random width of plants for hedge of multiple species
• Mixing foliage at the passage from one plant to another for hedge of multiple species
• Optimized display while setting to maintain fluidity
• 2D representation with 3 levels of detail and 3 types of appearance
• 2D dynamic shape based on leaf size and level of finishing
• Simultaneous use of fill, surface style and hatch or pattern
• New RGB fill color option with selection tool and color detection pipette anywhere on the screen
• Customizable 2D and 3D annotations (with automated display for foliage type, dimensions, structure code...)
• New prefix and suffix options for customizable 2D and 3D annotations
• Customizable link to a website or a local technical documentation file
• Quantity for length and volume
• Element code for quantity automatic, customized, fixed or deactivable
• Use of favorites and shared settings between several similar SmartParts
• New procedure for updating without replacing the SmartPart inserted in the drawing or in a wizard (wizYsmart LiveUpdate)

• Adding a placemark at the other end in construction lines [v1‑0‑1]
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