Steel structure
Column - Rafter
• 7 combinations of configurable forms
• Integration of IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM or customized profiles
• Configurable placement of connection and stiffening elements
• If only rafters, low end with choice of vertical, horizontal or perpendicular cut
• 2D representation with 3 levels of detail
• Customizable 3D representation with 4 levels of quality and including 190 rendering surfaces (referenced colors)
• Customizable 2D and 3D labels
• Customizable link to a website or a local file of technical documentation
• Quantity by number, length and weight
• Element code for quantity with details of additional elements
• Using favorites and shared settings between several similar SmartParts

• Changes for Allplan 2018 and later versions [v1‑5‑0]
• Fix for customized element code [v1‑0‑5]
• Fixes for customized profiles [v1‑0‑4]
• Minor improvements and fixes [v1‑0‑3]
• Automatic integration of the value of the IFC attribute [v1‑0‑2]
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