About difraxis
was founded in January 2012
by Bertrand Collard.
Interior architect and designer, graduated from the Ecole Camondo (Paris), after a few years in a design office, he was an employee of Nemetschek France for 14 years. Sales Advisor, Agency Manager and then Product Marketing Manager, he has developed additional tools for Allplan in order to make it easier to use, but also to optimize the work of experienced users. Among these tools, we can mention Alltransfer, Allsave, Allsynchro, tools to transfer, save and synchronize Allplan projects, DataExpress, a set of wizards and complementary macros, or Allplan PAM, Project Attributes Manager. For the launch of the quantity solution Allplan BCM on the French market, it also defined and prepared all the data supplied as standard.
Since the founding of difraxis and thanks to the experience gained in using Allplan, he has been able to continue working with Nemetschek Allplan GmbH and Allplan France. A major French single-family home builder also asked Bertrand to develop a dedicated application based on Allplan.
Since 2014, always with this concern for optimization and to bring as many tools as possible to facilitate daily work, he has created wizYsmart, a collection of assistants and parametric objects, in constant development and which is regularly enriched by new products. All available products, free or paid, are shown here and videos can be viewed here. Bertrand has also created an application called wizYsmart Manager to give every Allplan user easy access to the presentation, purchase and installation of these products. All products can be used in the 5 available languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In addition, he has developed and implemented a proprietary system called "LiveUpdate" so that updates to wizYsmart products are automated and do not require any user intervention. Products already inserted in projects benefit from improvements without needing to be replaced or to perform complex operations.
The goal of wizYsmart is to provide quality parametric objects that are easy to use and affordable for everyone.
Where are wizYsmart products used?

Wherever Allplan is used, so are wizYsmart products. Meeting the needs of any Allplan user, these products can be integrated and configured in any project. wizYsmart products are used in particular in the countries indicated on this map. Of course, any user from another country is welcome, which will further enrich the list of countries where wizYsmart is used...