About difraxis
difraxis was founded in January 2012 by Bertrand Collard.
Interior architect and designer, graduated from the Ecole Camondo (Paris), he was an employee of Nemetschek France for 14 years.
Sales Advisor, Agency Manager and then Product Marketing Manager, he developed some additional tools for Allplan such as Alltransfer or Nemetschek Update.
From 2007, Bertrand created DataExpress, a set of wizards and macros to facilitate the start of use but also to optimize the work of experienced users.
He also prepared the data for Allplan BCM to launch this tendering solution on the French market.
Since the creation of his company, he continued his activity based on his experience of Allplan by carrying out some missions for Nemetschek Allplan System GmbH, but also by developing a specific application for an important French house builder...
Always with these optimization worries and to bring to the largest number of users some tools to assist the daily work, he created the wizYsmart collection, which came into being for the 30 years of Allplan during the summer 2014...
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