wizYsmart express - Sanitary
Selection of usual sanitary

Version 1-6-2:
• Option for labelling the furniture (in countertop basin)
• Minor fixes and improvements
Version 1-6-1:
• Update for all SmartParts
• New parameter interface for all SmartParts
• Custom default settings
• Brassware
• Entering values following the selected unit in Allplan
Version 1-6-0:
• Update by exclusive LiveUpdate system (no replacement of SmartParts)
• New online help by "?" button
• Improvement of certain Element codes (see online help)
Version 1-5-0:
• Changes to Allplan 2018 and later versions
Version 1-4-0:
• Customizable label consisting of 1 or 2 lines
• Improvement of procedures for managing the Element code
Version 1-3-5:
• New additional dimensions for all objects
• Improvement and correction of the activation / deactivation of the attribute Name
Version 1-3-4:
• Option for integration into the Element code of a custom value indicating the item material or any other characteristic
• Automatic value insertion of the IFC attribute
Version 1-3-3:
• Option for disabling the Element code in order to assign a code from the Allplan catalogs (katlg, nem_pos, kukat...)
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