wizYsmart express - Openings
Openings, sliding and full-access bays, roller and swing shutters, security grilles, sills, front and service doors, interior doors, garage doors, wardrobe doors...

Version 1-7-0:
• 2 additional wizards: Click & Compose and Examples of compositions
• Update for all SmartParts
• Option to set the opening depth independently of the reveal depth
• Option to shift the SmartPart in the depth direction (forward or backward)
• Management of the direction of the leaves (window, French door, entrance door, interior door)
• Entrance doors and interior doors: opening direction of the leaves can be changed to maintain the link with the room while opening outwards
• Automatic management of the "Door swing" attribute (DIN L / DIN R)
• 2D representation of the frame shape with surface elements
• Option for sectional display with surface elements
• Improvement of the labels
• Additional type of sill
• Modifiable position of the roller shutter in relation to its housing
• Consideration of the roller shutter housing for the vertical surfaces of the rooms (Allplan 2015 and more)
• Option to add insulation around the roller shutter housing
• Direct access to the presentation video
Version 1-6-1:
• New parameter interface for all SmartParts
• Custom default settings
• Composition of several SmartParts
• Interior door without leaf
• Swing shutters with variable opening
• Entering values following the selected unit in Allplan
• Update by exclusive LiveUpdate system (no replacement of SmartParts)
• Migration via the Allplan function "Transfer SmartPart Version" (from version 1‑6‑0)
• New online help by "?" button
• Improvement of certain Element codes (see online help)
Version 1-6-0:
• Update only doors SmartParts (entrance, interior, garage, wardrobe)
• Integration of the update system without replacing SmartParts already in the drawing (wizYsmart LiveUpdate)
• Improved interface with more contrasted icons and schemas for independent language comprehension
• Extended display option across the entire width of the palette and option for small or big buttons
• Structure and leaves with different formats (entrance and interior doors)
• Multiple handles options for sliding interior doors
• Adjustment to the opening on all 4 sides and without limits
• New additional settings and various additional options...
Version 1-5-0:
• Reports Area Openings included (in Allplan Office)
Version 1-4-1:
• Automatic texture orientation on swing shutter components
• Element code depending on the type of interior door
Version 1-4-0:
• New additional handles for entry and interior doors (anti-panic, etc.)
• Options for one-sided handle or only plate (entry and interior doors)
• Optional 2D representation of handles for entrance doors
• Entrance door displayed also open in 3D
• Customizable frame shape for openings and doors
• Customizable thickness of entrance and interior doors
• Option to quantify doors as entrance, service or interior doors
• Threshold and door bottom options (entry and interior doors)
• Bottom offset of +/- 20 cm for all SmartParts
• Customizable label consisting of 1 or 2 lines
• Automatic label (dimensions) on entry and interior doors
• Optional tilt-and-turn for side casements (3L and 4L)
• Option for open casement in 3D if tilt-and-turn selected (each casement individually)
• Adding standard attributes for openings and doors
• Laterally extensible sill with choice of a cut for corner window or moulding
• Improvement of procedures for managing the Element code
Version 1-3-5:
• Adding fully glazed leaves for interior doors
• Option to display in 2D the handles of interior doors
• Adding a new label type for interior doors
• Improvement of 2D representation for garage doors
• Adding a custom 2D label
• Improvement and correction of the activation / deactivation of the attribute Name
Version 1-3-4:
• Option for integration into the Element code of a custom value indicating the item material or any other characteristic
• Automatic value insertion of the IFC attribute
Version 1-3-3:
• Masonry sill with setting for back additional depth
• Option for disabling the Element code in order to assign a code from the Allplan catalogs (katlg, nem_pos, kukat...)
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