Doors HRM-1
Front doors - Collection HRM-1
• 155 door models (ThermoCarbon, ThermoPlan, ThermoSafe, Thermo65/46, TopComfort)
• 76 handle models + 12 specific handles
• Single-leaf doors with representation of specific glazing
• 7 configurable structure profiles
• Straight lintel, curved (2 types), curved with rectangular door
• Adaptation to the opening on 4 sides and without limits
• Composition of custom glazing, fixed panels or matching glazing
• Adjustable handle on each side of each leaf
• Management of the level of detail according to the scale
• 2D representation option of the leaves (open, closed, free, 5 possibilities)
• Personalized 2D representation (color, pen, line type)
• 2D representation option for handles
• 2D representation option for glazing
• Simplified 2D representation or real thickness of the leaves
• 2D fills with an Allplan color, a RGB color or a referenced color (Classic or Design Plus)
• Options for transformation works (format according to the state)
• 3D representation option of the leaves (open, closed, free)
• Option to display the 3D representation symbol
• 4 quality levels (curve polygons)
• Custom 3D format with the possibility of different aspects inside and outside
• 3D format with global or differentiated management depending on the elements
• 3D format with use of Allplan colors and surface aspects
• 3D format using an RGB color picker
• 3D format using a referenced color picker (213 Classic colors and 1825 Design Plus colors)
• Automatic or personalized orientation of the texture on the components
• 2D personalized labels of leaf dimensions
• 2D and/or 3D personalized labels of text lines or used parameters (model, referenced color, element code, dimensions, etc.)
• Customizable link to a website or a technical documentation file
• Custom or variable element code depending on the door model
• Option to quantify doors as front, service or interior door
• Option to deactivate the element code in order to be able to assign a code from the Allplan catalogs (katlg, nem_pos, kukat...)
• Opening area and glass area values
• Automatic integration of the IFC attribute value
• Simplified or complete configuration
• Save/load custom settings
• Use of favorites and shared parameters between several similar SmartParts (management for all parameters or section by section)
• Integration of the update system without replacing the SmartParts already in the drawing (wizYsmart LiveUpdate)
• Display option extended over the entire width of the palette and option for small or large buttons
• Online help by "?" Button
• Interface available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
• The provided configurations have a representation close to the real model without being perfectly faithful. The representation of the compositions is given for information only. Some configurations can slow the execution of the SmartPart.
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